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Sell or Trade-In Your Used Vehicle

Would you like to make a quick sale on your used car? We can provide you with same-day cash! Call us today at 519-974-9377 to make an easy appointment for your vehicle appraisal.

Now you can sell or trade in your used car in Windsor, ON. We make it easy for you to sell your car. Don't waste your time with hagglers, lowballers and murderers! Get a better-than-market-value price when you sell your vehicle to Best Rate Auto Sales.

Get the Best Trade-in Value for Your Used Cars at Best Rate Auto Sales

The first step to trading in a vehicle is visiting a used car dealership to have the car examined. We will consider many factors in determining the vehicle’s trade-in value ( , using a combination of expertise, tools and resources available to licensed dealers such as Best Rate Auto Sales.

There a number of factors that will determine what a dealer is able to offer you for your trade-in. These include:

  1. Number of similar vehicles in the market
  2. Overall market conditions
  3. Condition of the vehicle. This includes km, interior and exterior condition (appearance, odor, etc.), mechanical condition and tires.
  4. Vehicle history: service history & accidents

You can't control the market but presenting your vehicle in the best possible condition will help you receive the best possible offer.

Trade-in Tips

When considering how much you are getting for your vehicle on trade, don't forget to consider the reduction in sales tax (HST) on the total purchase. Since the tax on your purchase is applied after subtracting the trade-in amount, the value of the trade will be higher than the dollar value quoted.

When selling privately be aware there are those who make a living buying and selling cars without a dealers license (commonly referred to as "curbers"). These persons are motivated by one goal - as much profit on your vehicle as possible. While a dealer also wishes to profit from selling vehicles usually they expect only a reasonable profit and also consider the value of a long term relationship with a loyal customer (maintenance work, other potential customers referred to the dealership, future sales, etc.).

To get a fair trade appraisal apply online or call 519-974-9377 or 855-467-4392 to make an appointment or please fill out the form below and we will contact you with an appraisal for your vehicle.

Best Rate Auto Sales is located in Windsor, Ontario and also serves Tecumseh, Belle River, Leamington, Tilbury, Chatham, Lakeshore, La Salle, Essex, Kingsville and throughout Southwestern Ontario.

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